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My Bucket for the Cure

I must confess, when I first saw KFC’s ad about Buckets for the Cure, where you buy a bucket of grilled chicken and KFC donates 50 cents of the price paid to breast cancer research, I thought this:

“What?!? So buy a bucket of un-health to support health?” Really, it seems ridiculous. And counter-productive toward the cause in general.

I don’t even have to list all the reasons that it doesn’t make sense. But this is not the point.

Then I thought,

Hmmmm. How many things do I do that, while simultaneously thinking I’m doing something wondrous and “for the greater good”, doesn’t really make any sense when you really add it up?

For instance, me getting all worked up about KFC’s ironic charity efforts (enough to write a blog about it) instead of spending all that think-time coming up with my own ideas for charity, or participating with an already existing one.

Yeah. Sometimes it’s so easy to get worked up about the problem and talking about just how much a problem it is, rather than getting right down to business. Sometimes we hardly need to sit and think about it at all. Nike had it right all along. Just do it. Pay no attention to the pink bucket behind the curtain.


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Almost Famous

It was a nice little surprise to see our name in US News and World Report:

Check out number 8.

Health is such a big topic right now. I myself am a subscriber to three health related magazines (Self, Fitness, and Natural Health. Though I might cancel Self or Fitness, because they are basically clones of each other and I only need one…) and it’s amazing how many different spins can be thrown on the same topic: diet and exercise. “Eat this….not that” or “Eat lots of Blueberries!” or “Remember the Artichokes!” Ya know what they are all basically saying? Eat a balanced diet and exercise daily. Granted it’s nice to be able to see different ideas for crafting your own diet and exercise plan that works for your life, but the simple tool for health has not changed. If we eat enough fruits and vegetables, articles won’t be needed to remind us that blueberries have antioxidants and that artichokes have beneficial phytochemicals (as do a lot of fruits and vegetables…) because we’ll already be including them, or similar items, in our meals plans already.

It’s nice to know that Adventists are still recognized as concerned with holistic, healthful living. Though diet and exercise is a HUGE part of health, we realize that spiritual connection with our Creator, time management, healthy relationships and time to relax are also key to being a whole, healthy person. Let’s make sure we keep that up, since in this health-crazed trend, people will be watching us. On that note, I think I will have a banana and take a five minute break.

Antioxidants to all, and to all a good day!

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